Warner Bros. Brand Innovation is an ongoing program that allows innovative companies to apply for the chance to participate in the pitching, creation and execution of commercial business solutions in partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are encouraged to apply through the Brand Innovation Portal, and Warner Bros. executives will regularly review submissions. The very best companies will be selected to participate in a studio-wide Brand Innovation Demo Day hosted at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.  This annual event is attended by senior studio executives and leaders within the Time Warner family of businesses, along with outside thought leaders from the venture capital and innovation communities.

Once selected to participate in the Brand Innovation Demo Day, select CEOs will present their companies, along with insight as to how they can specifically help Warner Bros. Entertainment solve various business challenges or improve profitability.


Warner Bros. Brand Innovation is open to early-stage startups, innovation leaders and entrepreneurs focused on the media space, with an existing shipping product, customers, staff and revenue.

Applications will be evaluated by our team with input from our business owners.


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Evaluation Criteria

  • Does the company have the ability to solve an existing business challenge?
  • Does the company provide a necessary service?
  • Does the company’s management team offer new expertise?
  • Is the technology disruptive?
  • How big is the market opportunity?

Interest Areas

Some of the areas we’re particularly interested in are listed below. The list is not exhaustive, and we’re open to hearing any media-related idea.

1. Audience Acquisition & Reward

Identify disruptive technologies that can help us acquire, understand, monetize and reward our audience outside traditional distribution timeframes, across all devices and platforms.

2. Fan Empowerment

Unleash characters and brands beyond individual releases or broadcasts, via transmedia offerings that live outside traditional distribution timeframes, across devices and platforms. Tighten the feedback loop between fans and creators.

3. Shopping & Consumer Products

Create transactional business opportunities around Warner Bros. assets and brands that allow for increased transmedia opportunities for consumers. Provide consumers new sales channels for products featured in our content.

4. Big Data

Extract value from data (through user profiles, content-recognition technology, recommendation algorithms, predictive analysis, etc.) and build innovative tools and applications.

5. Social Media Monetization

Create opportunities for increased two-way interaction between our fans and our characters/content/assets. Empower fans on social media to become an extension of sales department, driving transactional business or increasing viewership.

6. Production & Distribution Technology

Take advantage of new technologies to make content production — all types of content — more efficient and more participatory. Create new production tools and processes for new types of content and new distribution models (digital originals, mobile game applications, etc.). Develop platforms/services to expose production process in order to build awareness and engagement (speech-to-text, camera technology, production scheduling, photo sharing for production, etc.)